Recent Vintage Finds


I’m always on the lookout for fabulous vintage finds for my Etsy site, and for myself because I love, love, love vintage clothing and knick knacks. Estate sales are one of my favorite ways to find vintage treasures, not only because you can find really great deals, but because you get to see things in context, as you’re actually in the house. This particular estate sale was wonderful, chock full of clothes and assorted treasures. I was especially happy to see how well everything was priced–estate sales can sometimes be on the pricier side if they bring outside organizers or are in a wealthier neighborhood. The second day of the sale had everything half priced after noon.


The blue purse you see above was handmade, and had the remnant fabric inside to prove it. It’ll be a great evening purse. The grey dress next to it is from the ’60s–the real vintage find of the day. I bought this the second day when it was half-priced and the daughter assured me that it was definitely vintage. I could tell that just by looking at the inside of the dress and the label. I tried it on today, and it’s too big for me, but I’m not sure whether to put it up for sale or have it taken in. Another find of the day was the electrical engineering textbook in the first picture. I loved the retro cover, which would have been reason enough to get it, but since Paul is studying electrical engineering and will soon have his degree, I thought he’d get a kick out of it. When I opened it up, it turned out to be formerly the property of our high school in Oregon City. I also found two great blouses, one in green and the other in silver, two scarves, some ribbon that will come in handy during the holidays, another dress–this one pink and from the ’80s (and is available here on Etsy), and a mini bundt pan.


I also found some vintage cards, which will go on my calligraphy site at the end of October. It was an extremely hot day to be spending outside going through racks and racks of clothes, but I think my hard work paid off. Stay tuned: next week I’ll give my top tips for shopping estate sales. Love estate sales? What’s been your best find?

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