My Top Five: Roseburg, Oregon Area

If you’ve ever been to Canyonville, Oregon, it’s probably because you were visiting the casino and resort: Seven Feathers. You probably took advantage of the plethora of wineries and the easy access to outdoorsy type activities. But if you’re looking to go to the area and need a couple other ideas, I have a few.

Paul is doing an electrical engineering internship and went to Riddle for work. I was able to go with him and have a kind of vacation while he was tromping around in the heat. I did not get the opportunity to visit the wineries and I didn’t engage in any of the outdoor activities that I’d have liked to because I was by myself all day. Still, I did manage to make a few discoveries, and I’m sharing them with you in case you’re going to be in the area. I was there around the Fourth of July weekend, but since Paul had to do some follow up work there this week, it was on the brain.

The nearby towns are relatively small. The casino is the main draw and the closest city, Roseburg, is not very big. There are larger cities further south, but since I didn’t want to spend an hour by myself driving, I didn’t visit them this time.

Here are my top five, in no particular order:


1. Alexander’s Greek Cuisine, Roseburg Oregon

I went to Roseburg for the day and found the most charming little Greek restaurant. This is not an area known for its ethnic food (it considers American pizza to be Italian), so this was quite a find. I had warm, fresh pita bread with a lemon chicken soup, which was tangy and light. I had some great hummus, a crispy triangle of spanakopita, and one of the best slices of baklava I’ve ever had.


2. Vintage and Antique shopping

The best thing to do in this area is shop for old things. Two of my favorite antique stores were the Millsite Mercantile in Myrtle Creek, Oregon and the Jackson Street Mall in Roseburg. Both of these store had lots of variety, plenty to look at, and were reasonably priced. The proprietors were friendly, happy to answer questions, and really knew their stock.

The whole area is a treasure trove for collectors. I went to a couple garage/estate sales in the area and came upon some great stuff. You have to do a bit of digging sometimes, but there’s a lot of great antiquing in the area and most of the little towns have at least two or three antique stores.


3. Ken’s Sidewalk Cafe

If you’re staying at the casino, you really don’t have an excuse to not visit Ken’s, which is less than half a mile up the road. The burgers are simple and delicious, the fries crisp and flavorful. The food is good–but the best thing about Ken’s is the milkshakes. I can’t remember a time I had a better shake. They’re creamy, flavorful, but not overpowering. Seasonally, they do berry shakes with fresh fruit (strawberry shake is out of this world), but the chocolate malt is easily my favorite.

4. Riddle Fourth of July Fireworks

If you’re thinking about staying at the casino over the Fourth of July weekend, you really need to go down to the Riddle Fireworks show held on the high school football field. The locals take their fireworks very seriously, and their display was quite spectacular, including a huge explosion–like a car blowing up–that you’ve  probably only seen in the movies. The show isn’t super long, but you’re right up close and personal, and there’s plenty to ooh and ahh at. You’ll find details about it online (and they typically have a festival the whole weekend, so it’s a good weekend to visit the area).


5. The Broadway House in Myrtle Creek, Oregon

The best baked goods in the area are made by the fabulous woman who runs the Broadway House. Her cafe, with a well curated selection of gift items, is bright and cheery and densely populated by regulars. Her soups, which change everyday, are flavorful. The croissants, my favorite pastry, are light and buttery. She has wonderful cookies, muffins, you name it. It’s best to get there early for your favorite pastry (or a slice of quiche) and a cup of coffee before heading out for a day of antiquing or wine tasting.

And there you have it. My middle-of-Oregon favorites. Have you visited any of these places? Did I leave out one of your favorite stores or restaurants? Let me know below.

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