2015 Women Writers Reading Challenge–Book #9: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


This book has it all: an unconventional structure, a plot line that moves across countries, interesting characters (even the ones in the background), and great writing. If you’ve never read Adichie, you’re missing out. She has an almost poetic aptitude for describing the immigrant and, indeed, the human experience, but her writing is also very grounded in reality. You can see, feel, smell the things she describes without the writing becoming flowery or removing her reader from the immediate action.

Americanah follows Ifemelu, a young Nigerian woman, as she comes to the United States. It’s about America and Nigeria. It’s about the immigrant experience. It’s about race. It’s about love. It’s about defining your identity. It’s about appearance. It’s about money. It’s about time you read it.

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