Women Writers Reading Challenge #47: Mimi by Lucy Ellmann


I don’t know what it is about some books, but from the moment I see the cover or hear the title of the book, I’m instantly convinced that it is a book I MUST read. They are usually quiet books like The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, which is another book I love. I almost instinctively know that this book and I will be very good friends. Every time I see it or hear about it, the need to read it is just intensified. And that’s how it was for me and Mimi. I don’t know exactly led me to this book–destiny–I suppose. But I was in store for a book with beautiful lyricism. Ellmann has an unbelievable mastery of various literary devices like alliteration. And she gets away with exclamation points! I’ve been scared of excess punctuation since high school, but her exclamation points are so exciting and such a breath of fresh air. Her prose has a luminous, poetic quality and the story was just. so. good. It’s not a book that shouts; it’s much quieter than that. It tells one man’s story with clarity and light. It’s a book about love and growth–how one special person can change your life forever.

I know I haven’t explained this book very well. I certainly haven’t done it justice. You’ll just have to read it.

Have you read this one? I’d love to hear if you’re as crazy for this book as I am.

Are there books that haunt you? That don’t leave you alone until you read them? What were they and what were your thoughts afterwards?

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