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My tree lit up with led candles and decorated with bookmarks. Thanks for the bookmark suggestion. Still thinking about adding more to the tree!

We’re nearing the end of the year, and the end of my 75 books by female authors challenge is in sight (only nine left!), so it’s important to start thinking about what we’re going to read next year…

At the beginning of the year, I naively assumed that after reading only women, the next year I should read only men and see where that got me. While it might be an interesting experiment, I take my reading challenges pretty seriously. I didn’t join a book club this year because of my reading commitment, and I really want to next year, so I’m taking men only off the table. Instead, I’ve created a challenge that will help me read through my own library as well as read books that are of interest but didn’t fit into my challenge this year.

The first part of the challenge is an A-Z titles challenge. I’ve also included symbols and numbers at the beginning. The reason for this fairly simple challenge is my ever-growing bookshelf is filled to the brim with books I have not read. This needs to be remedied in my opinion because books take up a lot of room and I only want to keep books I would either read again or give to someone else to borrow. But I don’t know if they’re worth keeping if I haven’t read them! This takes about 20 some odd books off my haven’t-read-it list. I don’t have titles for all the letters, but I’m only missing 6 of them. I could just say that I’m going to read more of my books, but that’s not enough of a goal or a challenge to keep me occupied… so a titles challenge it is.

The second part of my reading goal is a 12 Series Challenge–I want to finish 12 finished series in 12 months. They can be long or short, and I can have already read one of the books, but 12 is the goal. This year I read series beginnings or works by authors that also have a series I want to read. There’s a lot of fantasy on my reading list, and I can’t wait.

I’ll blog about each of the title books and do a big post on each series I read. If I read something in between these challenges that warrants a comment, I’ll mention that too.

Feel free to complete these challenges along with me, especially the series challenge, which I’m really excited about. Whether you’re participating in these challenges or have one of your own, let me know in the comments! And if you have one that you think I should join, I probably have room for one more small one, so let me know that too.

Happy reading!

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