10 of Hermione Granger’s Favorite TV Shows


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Hermione Granger admittedly does not watch a lot of television–she’s too busy running the Ministry of Magic to have time for that kind of muggle pursuit. However, everyone needs a way to unwind and Hermione’s guilty pleasure involves accessing her secret DVR account at her parents’ house whenever she goes to visit.

What makes a TV show worthy of her interest? Well, it’s got to contain something fantastical and the characters have to have an emotional range larger than a teaspoon.

Here are some of her favorites, in no particular order:

  • Firefly–She watched this show when it first aired with Ron. He likes the idea of space ships. They were both heartbroken when the show was cancelled. Ron wanted to go down to the studio and force them to reconsider, but Hermione said they had to let the muggles make their own mistakes.
  • Game of Thrones–Hermione appreciates the attention to detail, epic scope, and references to English history. Ron likes Daenerys and her dragons. But it’s become something of a group activity with Harry and Ginny coming over to watch on the weekend as well. Harry’s favorite character is Jon Snow, while Ginny loves Tyrion and has a secret desire to throttle and/or hex Littlefinger.
  • Downton Abbey–Her mother introduced her to this show and they used to watch it together. When her father and Ron would come into the room to find both of them in tears they were baffled and no amount of explanation about the complicated relationships made either of them understand.
  • Sherlock–Sherlock’s deductive powers never cease to amaze her. And she has a secret crush on Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Outlander–The book series is on her list, but the time traveling heroine (with the hunky Scotsman love interest) appeals to Hermione.
  • The Office, UK Version–Working in an office is still working in an office, even if there’s magic involved. Hermione didn’t watch this show religiously, but if she’s flipping through the channels and an episode is on, she’ll usually stop.
  • Masters of Sex–Working tirelessly to further knowledge always appeals to Hermione, plus it’s got just the right amount of steaminess.
  • Gilmore Girls–Hermione has a secret ambition to meet Lorelai Gilmore. She thinks that a dinner with her would be one of the most entertaining conversations of her life.
  • Parks and Recreation–A mid-level bureaucrat who gets things done only by dint of her intelligence and enthusiasm–this show and Hermione are a match made in heaven. Ron has had to reassure her several times that she’s never been as bad as Leslie.
  • North & South–She caught the first episode by chance and was hooked by all the historical drama.


So there you have Hermione’s guilty pleasures. Are any of her favorite shows one of your favorites too? Did I miss a show you think she or another Harry Potter character would love? Let me know in the comments.


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