Weekly Roundup August 16-August 22 — A Lot of Links

Welcome to the weekly roundup on Ink in the Archives! Every week I will share what I’ve been up to and interested in and ask you to fill me in on your week too.

Eventful Events and Happening Happenings

This week was the start of a new semester, and consequently I feel like I suddenly have much more to do and a lot less time to be reading books and watching films. So we’ll save the books and movies for next week. This week, I’ll just share some of the things I’ve been reading in the moments that haven’t been filled with lectures, writing posts, and doing required reading.


Please know that I’m not paid for my opinions about anything. I just like to share things that strike me as interesting, useful, or engaging.

This week marked the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage! The New York Times helped put on a play called Finish the Fight about some of the lesser known women of color who helped make the 19th amendment possible, but didn’t see benefits for a very long time. The play features 5 women who talk about their life stories and there’s a conversation at the end with the writer an director. It runs for an hour and is definitely worth the watch on YouTube.

Are you missing a favorite local bookshop? You can support them and still buy books online through bookshop.org. Proceeds of the sale benefit indie bookstores, and you can even choose the bookstore you want to support with their find a bookshop feature.

I’m missing one of my favorite bookstores that I grew up with, Powell’s Books, and they are kind of in trouble right now. Listen to an interview with owner Emily Powell from OPB here.

Learn about the country’s first Black-owned bookstore in the 1830s.

Interested in the development of book-related technology? You should check out this illustrated printing guide.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments!

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