July Update

It has been… an interesting few months.

Blogging and writing was pushed to the edges as buying our new home took over every waking moment.

We didn’t realize how many pages would make up the housing disclosures (over 600). We did not know we would need to read these in 24 hours (which I did) We were not expecting our offer to be accepted. We were not expecting to need to do paperwork on demand, to close so quickly, or for Paul to get covid right as my birthday trip loomed on the horizon.

Our first planned international trip since the pandemic and my friend and I had to go by ourselves. I camped out at the new, very empty condo on a blow up mattress for a week before hand. Paul was kind enough to pack my bag and I delivered groceries.

The main pyramid Chichen Itza

A tough week, but nothing lasts forever. Since I got back we moved our apartment one carload at a time over the bridge and back again. We’ve slowly started to accumulate some furniture.

It has been a process to get back to writing. Delving into work waited until the kitchen, closets, and bathroom were unpacked. But now I have started opening my notebooks, cracking open my books.

Yesterday I picked up my new library card for the Oakland Public Library. And with that, the move is official.

I am planning on creating some new series, blogging more about poetry, travel, film, exploring this new city, adding more baking for bookworms posts, and possibly sharing as we make and find new things for our home. If there’s something you’re interested in reading about, please let me know.

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