Fairy Tale Adaptations Perfect for Halloween Viewing

As a companion to the post I did yesterday, I thought I'd share some Halloween appropriate movies for the less horror-inclined. There are many to choose from, but to narrow it down, I choose only fairy-tale adaptations. However, I have lots of suggestions, so I'll have to do another one (maybe a musical post?) next … Continue reading Fairy Tale Adaptations Perfect for Halloween Viewing

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair…

When the love of your life tells you they've never been to a state fair before, you simply MUST take them. I wasn't sure how long the fair was going on (as it started before we got back from our trip to the Caribbean), but when we looked it up and saw it was running … Continue reading Our State Fair is a Great State Fair…

Shakespeare in the Park: Much Ado About Nothing in Nampa, Idaho

Community theater is an amazing thing. I absolutely love watching live theater and I also love Shakespeare, so I was definitely sold on the whole watch-Shakespeare-in-summer thing. Every in Boise there is the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. They were (and are, it's still going) doing some great plays, but nothing that really stood out to me, … Continue reading Shakespeare in the Park: Much Ado About Nothing in Nampa, Idaho

Idaho Botanical Gardens

There's something magical about a garden tucked away in a city. Gardens are places of contemplation and beauty, places that feel slightly apart from time and yet when you're there you feel connected. I've always loved beautiful gardens, so when I found the Idaho Botanical Garden on my birthday, it became one of my favorite … Continue reading Idaho Botanical Gardens

Portland’s Crystal Rhododendron Garden

This year I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday twice, and for both celebrations I was able to visit a beautiful garden. I'll be doing a post on the other garden, the Idaho Botanical Garden, next week. Located just off Reed college's campus, the Crystal Rhododendron Garden drives home the fact that the Willamette … Continue reading Portland’s Crystal Rhododendron Garden

Hiking Table Rock

Just a few minutes outside of Boise, you'll find the Old State Penitentiary and the Idaho Botanical Garden, behind which you'll find trails that lead up to Table Rock, which at around 3200 feet offers amazing views of the city and a wonderful hike. Paul and I went up there this weekend with one of … Continue reading Hiking Table Rock

Reading Challenge

“No black woman writer in this culture can write ‘too much’. Indeed, no woman writer can write ‘too much’…No woman has ever written enough” --Bell Hooks Many people talk about the difference between men and women as writers. Some believe that the difference is apparent and others that it's negligible. My reading career has been … Continue reading Reading Challenge

Holiday Parties or How to Make Period Costumes Look Authentic

Paul's holiday office party had a 1920s theme--a wonderful excuse to get gussied up and have a night on the town. Many of his coworkers dressed up, and it made for a wonderful experience, but dressing up in period attire can be stressful. So here I've given ten tips to make period attire a breeze. … Continue reading Holiday Parties or How to Make Period Costumes Look Authentic

Getting Rid of Pesky Gnats

It started with an orange. We bought a bag of oranges from the grocery store along with some other produce, brought it home, and suddenly our house was plagued by fruit flies. Since moving in to the new apartment in June, we haven't had too much of an insect problem. We're on the third floor, … Continue reading Getting Rid of Pesky Gnats

Gift Giving Tips

In my family, gifts are a given. We go overboard during the holidays, and we give all year round. However, I understand that this is not the case in all families: some have less money to work with, and some families don't have the same traditions surrounding gifts. I've noticed that there are a lot … Continue reading Gift Giving Tips