How I Analyze Art: Context is Everything

I think almost every object we interact with is worthy of deeper consideration. Whether it's a piece of advertising, a chair in our homes, a film, a game, a book--every object has the potential to reveal something. For me what makes this a worthwhile is not the object in and of itself, but the context … Continue reading How I Analyze Art: Context is Everything

A NaNoWriMo Retrospective

So I'm now coming down off the NaNoWriMo writing high, and I must say that it is nice to shower and get dressed before noon or leave the house without feeling like the world is ending, but in a way it's bittersweet too. It's so easy to fall back into not-writing. Writing comes naturally, but … Continue reading A NaNoWriMo Retrospective

NaNoWriMo–or How November Might Kill Me

So you may have noticed that it's been a little quieter than usual around here. That's because I'm participating in my first ever NaNoWriMo (like so many things, it's taken me a long time to jump on the bandwagon). I'm no stranger to writing sprints, as on a good writing day I've been known to … Continue reading NaNoWriMo–or How November Might Kill Me