The Encouraging Thunder Award


Dimple of enthralling dimple kindly nominated me for this award. You should really check out her blog. She puts such wonderful enthusiasm and positivity into the world.

These awards are really lovely, as they give you the chance to give another blogger a pat on the back and it creates a nice community of bloggers.

How it works:

  • thank your nominator
  • display the logo
  • talk about your purpose in blogging
  • nominate others

My purpose in blogging:

As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere on this blog, my purpose in blogging is to share the things around me that give me joy and that I think are beautiful. I have widespread interests, and it isn’t often that you can find ways to talk about all your interests, but that is exactly what this blog allows me to do. I share crafts, recipes, book reviews, travel posts, and anything else that makes me happy. I like to talk about things going on in my area that I’ve participated in and generally write about things that interest me and that I hope interest others.

My other purpose in blogging is to bring my typically solitary writing day into a more public sphere. I get to interact with an audience and write material with the purpose of publishing it so that many people can read it. Whether one person reads a post or many more read it, blogging allows me to think about my writing in a different way as well as encouraging me to write with regularity.

My nominees (forgive me if you’ve already been nominated or if you don’t participate in awards. Just know that I think you’re doing awesome things):

Rosema of A Reading Writer

Lucy of Things Lucy Reads

Urooj of Urooj Reads

Syc of The Lit Mermaid

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