A 2017 Retrospective (plus some reading goals)

Happy 2018, everyone. I hope that you had a good New Year. I spent New Year's eve with my family, celebrating my Nana's birthday, and then my husband and I spent New Year's day driving back home from Portland. The New Year is always a great time to look back on the year behind you … Continue reading A 2017 Retrospective (plus some reading goals)

My Reading Challenge for 2017

So last year's challenge did not go well. And not because I didn't read a lot of books. I just sort of lost my motivation somewhere along the way. I think the real problem had something to do with the nature of the challenge itself. My goal was to read more of the books that … Continue reading My Reading Challenge for 2017

Guest Blogging on the Bridechilla Podcast Blog

I haven't mentioned much in the way of wedding planning stuff on the blog, but recently I've become a guest blogger on the Bridechilla Podcast blog. About once a month I'll be writing a wedding planning related post, sharing my journey and experiences and hopefully some tips for other people getting married. I love talking … Continue reading Guest Blogging on the Bridechilla Podcast Blog

The Encouraging Thunder Award

Dimple of enthralling dimple kindly nominated me for this award. You should really check out her blog. She puts such wonderful enthusiasm and positivity into the world. These awards are really lovely, as they give you the chance to give another blogger a pat on the back and it creates a nice community of bloggers. How … Continue reading The Encouraging Thunder Award