Guest Blogging on the Bridechilla Podcast Blog


I haven’t mentioned much in the way of wedding planning stuff on the blog, but recently I’ve become a guest blogger on the Bridechilla Podcast blog. About once a month I’ll be writing a wedding planning related post, sharing my journey and experiences and hopefully some tips for other people getting married. I love talking about weddings (though planning one is much harder than I thought it would be), and I’m sure I’ll be posting related things here as well.

I’ll be linking here whenever a new post goes up. My first one is all about ways that you can focus your wedding vision and stay true to your goals.

And if you’re planning a wedding (or just like thinking about weddings), you should definitely listen to the Bridechilla podcast*, which is all about keeping your sanity while planning a wedding. The host, Aleisha, is amazing–she’s funny and down-to-earth and has the most amazing Australian accent. It’s been such an amazing resource for me, and it’s kept me from losing my mind.


*Please be aware that the podcast is labeled explicit for language.

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