My First IKEA Hack: Building Myself a Desk

I am really proud of this new desk, which was fairly simple to make and only required 2 Lack tables, a hack saw and mitre box, and some wood glue.

We have a very small apartment, but since we’ve been spending much more time at home, I’ve missed having an actual desk area (especially because I repurposed the little built in vanity area as a coffee bar, which I don’t regret). I thought I could replace my nightstand with a small table.

Normally, I would just go thrift shopping for such an item, but since that’s not really an option right now I decided to order two of these IKEA tables and create my own desk.

First, I measured how high I wanted the desk. Then I marked off one set of legs, cut the excess, glued the cut portion to the second set of legs, attached the legs to the table, and voila!

There was a little seam where the legs were joined, and I just covered that up with two lines of washi tape to make it look more decorative.

Since the legs were hollow, I took the unused portion and made them into utensil holders.

Have you hacked a piece of IKEA furniture? Is there a creative way you’ve found to make your space work better for you right now? Let me know in the comments!