My First IKEA Hack: Building Myself a Desk

I am really proud of this new desk, which was fairly simple to make and only required 2 Lack tables, a hack saw and mitre box, and some wood glue. We have a very small apartment, but since we've been spending much more time at home, I've missed having an actual desk area (especially because … Continue reading My First IKEA Hack: Building Myself a Desk

DIY Crayons or What to Do With All Those Broken Bits

I have a really easy DIY project that you can do with kids or use to make favors for parties; there's all sorts of possibilities. It couldn't be easier, though it does take a few broken crayons and a little patience (not much though, I promise). You'll need: crayon bits (which if you color at … Continue reading DIY Crayons or What to Do With All Those Broken Bits

How To Make Your Own Envelopes Without a Template

Since getting engaged at the end of January, a lot of my free time has been moving over to wedding planning rather than blogging. I'm still reading a lot of books, but I'm not finding quite as much time to sit down and write posts. Since I haven't done a DIY post in a long … Continue reading How To Make Your Own Envelopes Without a Template

DIY Wrapping: Dictionary Page Garland

Most of us understand the appeal of pretty ribbon near the holidays, but stocking up on ribbon can have its downsides. Unless you find it on clearance, ribbon can be pretty expensive and the holiday ones don't have a lot of yardage, making it necessary to buy lots and lots of ribbon to make a … Continue reading DIY Wrapping: Dictionary Page Garland

DIY: Quidditch Letterman’s Jacket Cardigan

Last week I showed you how to make the Snitch earrings that I'm wearing as part of my outfit for my cousin's bat mitzvah. Because the theme of the evening is pajamas and jerseys, I thought this fantasy inspired sports look would both fit the theme and be a bit more of a costume, since … Continue reading DIY: Quidditch Letterman’s Jacket Cardigan

Golden Snitch Earrings DIY

In a little less than two weeks it'll be my cousin's bat mitzvah. We're flying down to Los Angeles to celebrate with her, and part of this celebration will be done in themed attire. A lot of kids her age do a big dance with all their friends and all their parents friends, and S. … Continue reading Golden Snitch Earrings DIY