What Makes For Good Adaptation?

It's good to be blogging again after our three week trip to Taiwan. I have several posts in the works about that trip, but today I want to write about a really great article I read today on Lit Hub with the rather long title: "How Should a Literary Adaptation Be? We Asked the Critics … Continue reading What Makes For Good Adaptation?

Page to Screen: Me Before You

Film Adaptation--love it or hate it, it's an undeniable part of our culture. For my part, I love it. Even when it's done poorly (and goodness knows it is), it still has the power to get people talking critically about art and adaptation. Some Pertinent Facts: Film release date: June, 2016 Director: Thea Sharrock (in … Continue reading Page to Screen: Me Before You

From Page to Screen: Chocolat

Literature adaptation. It causes almost every reader to cringe, but I am totally obsessed with it. This feature looks at films and their book counterparts and analyses similarities and differences between the two. The goal is not to see which one is better, but to see what artistic decisions are made and what they bring … Continue reading From Page to Screen: Chocolat